A Holistic Approach —
Perfect Execution and Positive Shopper Perception

The Blackbox Customer Decision Journey

Despite theoretical models the customer decision journey still represents a black box for manufacturers and retailers. Consumer panel data and sales figures provide information on who is buying and how much is sold. However, the shopper experience and especially the reason behind it is not available. While continuously working with our customers and industry partners we figured out that shopper marketing success depends on 2 important dimensions: marketing mix execution and shopper perception. Both categories are covered within our research designs.



Marketing Mix Execution

Are marketing measures executed acccording to your plan?


Shopper Perception

How do real shoppers perceive those marketing activities along the customer decision journey?

Shopper Marketing Excellence

  • What if your expensive 360° promotion was perfectly planned but has only been executed correctly in 50 % of the cases?
  • What if your promotion has been executed 100 % but has failed to create awareness amongst the shoppers?

Both – a perfect execution and effective shopper perception are mutually dependent to maximize the success of your marketing and sales activities. This is why POSpulse holistically and thoroughly analyzes both dimensions from the most important perspective of all – your shoppers’ eyes.

Depending on the category up to 70 % of revenue is executed through promotions

However, 70 % of all promotions are not
executed correctly

71 % of the memorized brands are
noticed for the first time at the POS

Only 33 % of products can be
consistently recalled by shoppers

Shopper Marketing Success

Leading industry segments need to excel at both disciplines for maximum shopper marketing success. Through an iterative cycle of analysis and improvement, POSpulse has helped clients to achieve a 50 % better marketing execution.


What is Your Shopper Marketing Challenge?