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Get to Know the ShopScout™ App

Used by Real Shoppers to Collect Insights for Hundreds of Companies

With the help of our ShopScout app, mobile shoppers perform market research tasks Europe-wide to gather live insights from the customer decision journey.


  • ShopScout GPS Tracking-Geo Fencing


    A GPS function within our app enables us to determine the exact location before and during tasks are carried out in order to ensure that pre-defined store addresses are actually visited
  • Custom Address Management

    Custom Address Management

    Any quota of channels and regions can be checked thanks to technological conditions within our analytics infrastructure. Only chosen, relevant stores are visible to our panel within the app
  • Intuitive usability

    Intuitive Usability

    Easy app and survey handling encourage authentic and logical answers. Furthermore the intuitively enhances speed and prevents mistakes
  • Transparent reward communication

    Transparent Effort and Reward Communication

    Transparency regarding reward and effort of the market research tasks increases scout motivation and avoid task aborts to speed up the research
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Success Stories