The POSpulse Process —
from Survey Design & Scout Briefing to Outlined Analytics Reports

Our Streamlined Approach

Our approach, though flexible, can be broken down into six easy-to-explain steps. Of course the process is tailored to each client, and our industry experts support you throughout the whole process.


Analysis and survey design

Targeted Analysis and Individual Survey Design

Based on a comprehensive analysis and your individual requirements our experts develop a tailored survey research including sample size, questionnaire and methodical execution

App market research assignment

Scouts Receive Assignments Directly via App - Europe-Wide

Within seconds after releasing the survey our scouts receive your market research task via app and start with the execution. Our scouts are chosen by your target group segmentaton and required location

Real-time data from the Point of Sale

Scouts Provide Real-Time Data Directly from Their Perspective

The information provided by scouts goes directly to our system and provide real-time insights – just as perceived by real shoppers

Detailed data quality assurance

Detailed Data Quality Assurance

In order to guarantee the highest survey quality, each individual data set is manually validated and evaluated by our well-trained analysts and integrated system solutions

Survey analysis

Evaluation and Analysis Based on Customers' Objectives

Based on customers’ objectives all results are graphically presented in the POSpulse analytics dashboard. An intuitive handling allows to filter questions by region, channel or target group

Recommendation for action by industry experts

Industry Experts Provide Recommendations for Action

Due to the analysis of our industry experts you not only have access to valuable shopper data, but are also given clear recommendations for action. By using the shown potential for optimization you can directly intervene and increase your performance

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