Market Research via Crowdsourcing


You invest a great deal of time and money in the very best marketing strategies for your products and services. In order to increase your sales results, you constantly analyze vast amounts of data. However, for maximum customer-centric, targeted optimization, you require data on two important mindsets, which you currently don't have: Those of shoppers and consumers at the physical POS, and those of out-of-home consumers, right at this moment - now. This is where we come into play: 
We answer your questions at all points of the customer decision journey, by accessing our mobile community of more than 900,000 end customers. We have full-coverage availability and our community is ready-to-use at all times to deliver genuine shopper and consumer feedback. Our USP? Speed and validated data due to actual end-customer mind-sets, as well as cost-efficiency. 

Our solutions and the most popular application types:




Have you ever been in the position where you can’t find your favorite product while shopping? Out-of-shelf (OOS) product is a loss for manufacturers, in all respects. Promotions that are not implemented properly at POS are similarly ineffective. And how do you ensure that your sales staff is always friendly and courteous?
Zielomat_Promotion Audit
Promotion Audit

Continuous optimization of Sales Promotions 

Has my promotion been implemented correctly and have all the most important elements been included? 

Do shoppers understand my promotion?

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Zielomat_Product Check
Product Check

Control and correction of Category Management Standards 

Where and how is my product placed and in what setting?

Is my product available or OOS? 

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Zielomat_Store Check
Store Check

Compliance with standards at branch and/or store level 

Are predefined standards implemented correctly in the branch /shop?

Are products being sold as per the product training? 

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Zielomat_Mystery Shopping
Mystery Shopping 3.0

Review of consultation and sales behavior 

Are the product benefits displayed correctly? 

How are recommendations given, i.e. the sales and consultation behavior? 

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Image Recognition groß2-1
Shelf-Tracking via Image Recognition 

Fast Evaluation and Tracking 

Fast, reliable capture of shelf KPIs such as out of stock products, facings, and prices, even for large, complex product groups, via image recognition.  

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Licensing of our App

Increasing the Efficiency of the External Sales Force 

Our app, designed in your branding, enables you to assist your field workers to capture and evaluate relevant information in real-time. 

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Zielomat Self Service
POSpulse Self-Service

Autonomous control of the POSpulse Community 

Experience Create and assign individual jobs like promotion or product checks to our community.

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Out of Home

One of the advantages of our approach: A smartphone, which is the market research tool, is always at hand. In this way the community can answer your questions on-the-go. Is a promotional poster available? What are the trading hours for the nearest Kiosks and what types of beer are most often tapped in bars?
Promotion / Product Audits in Bars and Restaurants  
Promotion / Product Audits in Bars and Restaurants  

Promotions / Product Audits outside of the Retail Market 

Is my promotion, i.e. are my products available, properly-placed and visible?  

What products are available on the menu, at the counter, and in special placement areas?  

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Capturing relevant Locations

Creation of As-Yet-Unknown POS / POI 

Capturing of spätis, kiosks, bakeries and many more outlets:   

Are there any unknown potential POS placements for my product?   

Where does the competition already have placements and where can I be a pioneer with my product group? 

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Insights on Advertising Perception

Reporting outdoor advertising placements and insights on perceptions  

Is my promotion correctly placed and undamaged?  

How effectively is my advertising perceived?  

How well is it understood by observers?  

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In-home also opens itself to a wide range of questions. Questions regarding new ideas/products prior to launch, design preferences, and consumption models are answered by our community from the comfort of your home, providing you with valuable insights.
In-Home Surveys

Online Surveys on preferences and opinions  

Survey of consumers on various topics in their surroundings at home, e.g. online shopping behavior, consumption and/or usage preferences, etc. 

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Screenshot 2019-06-27 at 13.13.13
Feedback on Design and Product Variants

Optimization of the Design and Product Variants 

How do potential end customers rate my (new) product design? 
How does this design compare to competitive products?   

How do you perceive the pricing per product category?  

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Screenshot 2019-06-27 at 13.46.31
Determining Purchase Decisions

Insights into the Purchase Decision 

When, how, and with whom do end customers consume their product?  

Why do shoppers select a specific product? 
How strongly do promotions affect the choice of product? 

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Here's how it works:


Defining Questions

We support the design of a validated questionnaire to generate exactly the answers you need. 

Qualified Community Feedback 

Up to 900,000 active consumers are notified and interviewed in real-time via the powerful Streetspotr app. 



Assurance on All Feedback 

All incoming data is immediately checked and validated by trained quality assurance personnel.  


Real-Time Analysis 

The results and analyses can be accessed at any time via an intuitive dashboard - which includes an export function.  


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Our Advisory Board from Industry and Retail Experts 

Otmar Debald

Otmar Debald

+35 Years in Finance & FMCG, Experience: CFO @ P&G

"Especially due to the fact that we were affected by the phenomenon of black box POS for a long time, without adequate solutions, I am of the opinion that the concept and the added value is simply brilliant." 
Jörg Pretzel

Jörg Pretzel

+30 Years FMCG, Retail and Market Research

"Receiving real-time feedback from consumers who use my products in day-to-day life, and not only POS-centered feedback, is a key factor in the marketing and distribution strategy of every branded product. It's a crucial USP offered by POSpulse when compared to other providers." 
Albert Pott

Albert Pott

+35 Years Telecommunication, Deutsche Telekom; 8 Years @ Ferrero

"If I'd had access to POSpulse in my time, I would certainly have worked with them. The fast, accurate, and excellent gathering of customer feedback, market activities, and sales behavior are simply essential for competing successfully in the marketplace. "
Dr. Dietrich Ulmer

Dr. Dietrich Ulmer

+20 Years VC; CEO: Siemens Mobile Acceleration, Head of Strategy Telefónica

Diego Bevilacqua

Diego Bevilacqua

+30 Years FMCG, Executive VP & Chief Marketing Officer Metro AG, President Unilever, Co-Chairman Pepsi - Lipton

Sebastian Wölke

Sebastian Wölke

+15 Years Retail & FMCG Experience: Category Mgmt Lead @ dm, Category Mgmt / Sales @ Unilever

Prof Dr Utho Creusen

Prof. Dr. Utho Creusen

+30 Years CE, DIY and Academia. Former Board Member Obi as well as Media Markt Saturn, several Board of Directors' Seats, e.g. Thalia

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