Do you have questions concerning the customer decision journey of your shoppers and consumers everyday? May it be concerning the implementation of POS measures, the placement of your products or opinions as well as perceptions in general.

Our crowdsourcing-based approach allows you to get answers on exactly these questions in close to real-time.
We use our panel of more than 800,000 shoppers and consumers, which are available where and when you need them to be.
This approach is not only much faster but also significantly more cost effective than conventional market research methods.

Take a closer look on the questions we regularly support our customers with:



Promotion Audit

Promotion Audit

Continuous optimization of sales promotions

  • How is the overall execution rate of my promotion?
  • Is my promotion correctly executed and are all elements available?
  • Do the shoppers understand my promotion?
  • Are there varieties between different retailers or locations?
  • How can the promotion be designed more effectively?
Product Check

Product Check

Control and correction of category management standards

  • Where and how is my product placed and in which environment?
  • Is my product available or OOS?
  • What is the share of shelf of my products?
  • How many facings do my products have?
  • What is the on-shelf price of my products?
  • Which products attract shoppers the most?
Store Check

Store Check

Compliance of standards on shop-level 

  • Are defined standards correctly executed within the shop? 
  • Are products sold as taught?
  • Does the store look good?
  • How do shoppers perceive the atmosphere?
  • Which aspects are "very good" or "in need of improvement"?
Mystery Shopping

Mystery Shopping 3.0

Improvement of service quality 

  • Are the benefits of the product correctly conveyed by sales staff?
  • How are recommendations made and does the sales staff respect the briefing with regard to consultation services?
  • Does the personnel recommend additional services or products?
  • Is the sales staff friendly and proactive?
In-Home/Online Surveys

In-Home / Online Surveys

Fast Feedback from real shoppers

  • What do shoppers think about a new product?
  • How do they evaluate new designs?
  • How does the customer decision journey look like for particular products?
  • Which external factors have an influence on the shoppers' purchase decision?
  • Where do shoppers expect a new product in the store?
  • Which associations do shoppers have with particular brands?
White Label App

White Label App 

Connect your fieldforce

  • Our platform - your branding
  • Connect your fieldforce - in real-time
  • Digitalize your processes 
  • Use your own panel or ours


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