You may have your own field force, use an agency, or share a field force with affiliated companies. Whatever your choice, one thing is certain: the in-the-field field force is becoming an increasingly rare resource. It is, therefore, becoming increasingly valuable for the industry and trade sectors. Taking this into account, it is clear that using it to its maximum capacity, and where it is most valuable, i.e., to maintain on-the-ground relationships, sell products, and implement listings, is essential. Often, the in-the-field salesforce is also used to record data on-site, KPIs such as product availability, placements, and facings. Less time remains for value-enhancing activities.  

Automatic image recognition preferable to the ears?

Together with our partner Vispera, we gave a free all-round introduction to the transparent POS universe of automatic image recognition in our live webinar. Watch the recording now:

Here's the recording

Using your own Field force as a precious resource: Increasing efficiency 

There's no question that the recording and continuous tracking is essential for the sustainable improvement of these key figures. Using your own in-the-field field force traditionally, without “smart” digital tools, also adds to extensive time spent and the error rate in data acquisition.  Manual stock capture allows errors, which distort results, to occur. In addition, simply documenting shelves, recording key figures in Excel lists, or cumbersome digital formats, often takes several minutes.  

Things can be done differently.  
Companies use a combination of crowdsourcing, our nationwide shopper community, numbering in the thousands, and automatic image recognition via an app, to ensure a much more efficient process.  

Infographic: Crowdsourcing + Image Recognition at one glance

Capture current POS readings. fast, cost-effective, all available via a single tool 

To do this, we send our community to a selected POS universe, in consultation with our clients. On-site, the shoppers capture the actual shelf status, even entire product groups, via photos, in our Streetspotr app. These images are then evaluated immediately, using artificial intelligence image recognition software. Feedback is delivered directly to the sales representative in the trade outlet, and/or is directed via an online dashboard to the central office.  
After the algorithms have been taught” about the products for a 20-day period, the program automatically recognizes all relevant products displayed on the captured images with up to 99% data accuracy. Key figures such as facings, share of shelf, and/or OOS situations are read immediately and correctly. The entire process takes place within a single system and delivers reliable, verifiable results within the shortest possible time. This does not require an army of employees who manually interpret the images, thanks to the award-winning, mature image recognition software developed by our affiliate partner, Vispera.  

Specific case applications at a glance:  

  • The capture and analysis of key figures such as out-of-stock, facings, prices, and share of shelf 
  • Planogram compliance 
  • Leveraging our shopper community to call on various dealerships, which have not yet been visited by their in-the-field salesforce; sometimes even the entire POS universe. 
  • Combining the use of the POSPulse community plus image recognition, and/or equipping your salesforce with our app, which also includes image recognition 

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