Time pressure, Excel spreadsheets and complicated calculations: Could something be more unattractive?

In addition to the most important task of bringing products to retailers, the field force is also increasingly used to collect data on site - KPIs such as product availability, placements and facings. Relevant data for the performance at the POS, which tie up a lot of resources at the same time.

Counting, writing down, calculating, writing down, writing an e-mail, transmitting data, on to the next shelf.

The approximate sequence of such KPI tracking by the field force. But why do it this way?

Artificial intelligence as support

Take a picture, upload, on to the next shelf.

With the support of automatic image recognition, time-consuming KPI tracking is now a thing of the past. And with it, annoying little counting errors that are often unavoidable.

To find out exactly how automatic image recognition works for KPI tracking on the shelf, watch the recording of our webinar with our partner Vispera 👉.

All signs indicate upheaval for the precious resource of the field force

Saved enough resources? There's still room for more!

Why not ask the shoppers who are on site at the POS anyway to record the shelf situation and have all the data conveniently and immediately delivered to a dashboard that can be accessed at any time?