Capturing facings, checking promotions, or tracking the implementation of your planogram is often a challenge in the field. Whether via pen on paper, or various Excel lists, manual data collection in multiple stores is very time-consuming and error-prone. 

Effective and efficient Field force management   

By licensing our tools, we offer you a solution for efficient capture and analysis of key figures in a system tailored to your corporate design. Our platform enables you to easily create custom surveys and projects, assign them to your Field force, as well as the ability to control them effectively. The data is collected by your employees in the app and is available in real-time via the platform. Among other things, it displays a geographical overview of the collected data, showing all images, and contains various filtering options for individualised analysis. 

Leverage sophisticated, innovative technology without the effort of In-House development 

Licensing provides you with mature, modern technology that enables you to capture, collect, and analyze relevant data. All this is accessible to you, without the hassle of updating multiple Excel lists, it's all integrated into a single system. major advantage is that we use both the app and the platform for our own purposes, so we're continuously developing the technology. You have access to all the features and updates, without any development effort from your side. 

An excerpt of all relevant features on the platform and the app: 

  • Creation of orders for your salesforce via saved templates or custom questionnaires 
  • Assignment of projects according to freely-definable rules: according to salesforce profiles, geographic data, dealerships and much more. 
  • On-site GPS check-in, image capture, as well as time and date stamps, guarantee high-quality data results 
  • Upload and assign addresses 
  • Definition of quotas (time period, fulfillment per trader/dealership, geographic area etc.) for automated and accurate handling of orders, without any manual management needed 

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