The future is human - are you ready? 

88 % of shoppers continue to prefer flesh-and-blood sales personnel in the future,  an omniscient cyborg is not an adequate replacement for most consumers. This means that, even in this era of continuously expanding e-commerce, excellent service is a significant success factor for every offline retailer. 

The Problem -  Classic Mystery Shopping sometimes is insufficient

Classic Mystery Shopping does not provide insights from a shopper's perspective, nor does it enable real-time tracking. It is usually costly, associated with major time delays, and does not represent the mindsets of your actual end customers. Mystery Shopping via Crowdsourcing is an efficient solution for effective feedback and for highlighting areas of improvement, directly from your shoppers' perspectives. The areas of application are varied and the questions can effortlessly be adapted to your specific needs.  

Our approach - Insights in Real-Time 

Via a comprehensive panel of over 800,000 shoppers, including diverse demographics, we provide you with concrete insights so you can continuously increase the quality of your service.  
Among others, the following questions questions can be answered:                                            

  • Are the product benefits explained correctly? 
  • Is my product being suggested and/or recommended? 
  • Does the team recommend additional services or products? 
  • Is the sales personell friendly and courteous? 
  • Does the service, and/or advice, meet the quality requirements of our company? 

Which Questions can we answer for you? Feel free to contact us.

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