Is your Product available on the Market?

On average, 12% of all FMCG products on the shelf are not available (out-of-shelf). Depending on the trade structure and profit margin, manufacturers of branded goods, therefore, lose out on several hundreds of thousands of euros in sales every month. Even worse: the shopper enters the store for a certain product, then reaches out for the competitor's product because the product is not available. An loyal end customer may be lost forever. 

The Problem - Previous sources of Information are unsuitable

Trade structures, with many thousands of branches, make it almost impossible for a sales force to visit all markets in person. It doesn’t make sense to visit them all, nor is it economical. With Shopper Insights via Crowdsourcing, you are able to track the status quo of your product placement in the market and directly on the shelf, in a transparent manner. In addition to your own product placement, the immediate product environment, shelf shares and prices can be monitored and individual customer journeys can be tracked and recorded. Image recognition software enables extensive planogram control, implementations can be tracked, and deviations from target KPI can be displayed directly at the POS level. External sales teams, whether your own, or that of an outsourcing partner, can be deployed much more effectively and efficiently. 

Placement, OOS-Tracking - Insights in Real-Time 

Via a comprehensive panel of over 800,000 shoppers covering diverse demographics, we provide you with real-time insights into your products. Among others, the following questions can be answered: 

  • Are my products available or out-of-stock/out-of-shelf?
  • Where, within the specified category, are my products placed, which products are placed directly next to them, above them, and below them? 
  • What share of shelf do my products have? 
  • How many facings do my products have? 
  • What is the pricing of my products? 
  • Which on-the-shelf products are particularly eye-catching to shoppers? 

We answered some of these questions together with our community for Unilever for the launch of a new home care product. Read how we implemented real-time tracking of the product launch in our free Success Story.

We will be pleased to support you in your challenge. Please do not hesitate to approach us!

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Create your own Product Check? 

In just a few clicks you can create your own product checks within minutes with the tool productPULSE. In four simple steps, enter information about the product, the period and the retailers to be visited, send it to our community and receive first results from the POS within 24 hours. 

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