A little calculation on product availability:

88% of all FMCG products are available on the shelf on average. Sounds great, doesn't it? 

But at the same time, that also means that every 8th product is not available. How many of your company's products are on the shelves? 👀

Shoppers don't forgive OOS, and reaching for a competitor's product happens faster than you can spell that word. If this is convincing, it also ends up in the shopping cart the next time. And your own product is quickly forgotten. 

Is your product number 8? 


Now the question arises as to how manufacturers can know whether the product is gracing the nation's shelves. The classic ways: using their own sales force or classic market research. Neither of these is quite up to date anymore and both require a lot of resources. 

Why complicated when everything can be so simple?
And modern and cost-efficient, too? 

Today, everyone has a smartphone with them at all times, and it's even better if you can earn money with it. 

One of the arguments for our community is to keep an eye out for shelf gaps at the POS and thus collect valuable data for manufacturers - faster and more cost-effectively than in conventional ways. 

Read our success story to find out exactly how this works. 
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