Answers to the most relevant Questions - from a Shopper's Perspective

Depending on the product group, sales promotions account for up to 60% of total sales and is thus a significant driver of revenue. In addition, they tie up considerable financial, and above all human resources; for example, in the planning, design, and implementation stages. Despite this, effective promotional control is not usually implemented. 

The Problem - Prior Sources of Information were inadequate 

Sell-out data, feedback from the salesforce, or classic mystery shopping, do not deliver insights from the shoppers' perspective, nor do they enable real-time tracking. They are usually costly, associated with major time delays, and do not represent the mindsets of your actual end customers.  

Our Approach - Insights in real time

Via a comprehensive panel of over 800,000 shoppers, representing varied demographics, we provide you with real-time insights into your promotional activities. Among others, the following questions can be answered: 

  • What is the overall rate of my promotional implementation? 
  • Have all placement specifications ben complied with correctly? 
  • What are the differences when seen from the perspectives of the retailer and region? 
  • Do shoppers understand the various distinctive elements? 
  • How attention-grabbing are they really? 
  • How can the promotion be implemented even more effectively?  
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Create your own Product Check? 

In just a few clicks you can create your own product checks within minutes with the tool productPULSE. In four simple steps, enter information about the product, the period and the retailers to be visited, send it to our community and receive first results from the POS within 24 hours.