Efficient Field force  your own Field force? 

Everybody needs one, many companies have their own, some use agencies; we're talking about your salesforce. The sales team's core task is to put products onto shelves and implement promotions on, or in, the retailer's promo ad spaces. Contingent on size, the salesforce is still a significant cost factor. On average, a sales representative spends (in excess of) 50% of his or her working time in a car in order to visit branches along his/her route. Thousands of euros are spent every month, just on driving time. Is there a more efficient solution? How about leveraging a professional community that's already on-site? 

A professional community as Field force  

The benefits of a community, i.e. speed and cost-effectiveness in capturing relevant KPIs, can be implemented, and not only for the usual store checks. The members of our Pro Workforce have professional experience in the field and in merchandising. They can be on-site quickly and can handle almost any field activity, such as sales consultations and the implementation of promotions.   

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How does Pro Workforce work?  

Pro Workforce consists of approx. 1500 users (Spotrs) who have experience in in-the-field sales and merchandising. Only they can view the order, including information on scope and timing, in the Streetspotr app, and accept the job. A further detailed briefing follows, including training, and a subsequent quiz ensues to ensure that they are suitably qualified. After right contractors are selected, they will visit the dealers and complete the order.  

Examples of Applications: 

  • Construction and set-up of secondary placements/displays 
  • Shelf management and remodeling 
  • Sale of promotional displays 
  • Sale of products 

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