Myriads of trading formats and thousands of unknown locations — How can you discover the potential? 

Apart from the centralized trading model, there are many thousands of independent retailers and entrepreneurs in all fields, specialty shops for all product groups, "Spätis", bakeries, bars, restaurants, snack-bars, and many more. Its almost impossible to be familiar with the entire trading landscape. Similarly, it's impossible to know in which, or in how many, outlets a new product could potentially be sold, or to know where comparable products are already being sold. 

How can you know about locations that you don't know, where they might be? 

Even if you have your own fieldforce, it's difficult to gain an overview of the real potential of possible sales outlets, i.e. “leads”, and costs to do this this are very high. The entire country would have to be thoroughly searched.  

Real-Time market research results: Insights into your sales outlets 

This is exactly where we come into play. Using a specially-developed feature called “Melde-Modus”, our community does what the name implies: it reports locations that exactly match the definitions specified by our customers. It doesn't matter whether these are potential sales outlets that carry certain products or advertising campaigns, or, as in the one of our recent projects, mobile toilets. Who knows the immediate local surroundings better than the people who live there? This is exactly what we are able to exploit. You will receive confirmed addresses and information regarding these, paying only for validated results, so it's at no risk to you. 

Reported locations are immediately displayed in the app; duplicates, through multiple reporting of the same location, are excluded. Here is an excerpt of locations where we supported customers, and the corresponding questions via “Melde-Modus”:   

  • How many outlets are there with vaping/e-cigarette products, and where are they? 
  • Where and how can specifically-defined competitive products and promotions be found? 
  • How many "Spätis" and Kiosks that do not yet carry a certain category of drinks are there (and where are they)? 
  • How many bakerieswhich already carry a particular productare there? 
  • Where, and how many, Dixi toilets can be found in selected cities? 
  • In which sports/bicycle shops are my products being stocked? 

Does this sound interesting? Let's chat about which unknown universe we can discover and "report" for you. 

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