About us: Who we are and what we do.


Real-time feedback on your questions: How it works 

Enroll questions today, get answers tomorrow? This is exactly what is possible - in just a few steps. Based on the experience of more than 1,500 completed projects, we are happy to support you in designing the right questionnaire and guarantee high data quality with a combination of leading technology and manual validation by trained personnel.  

Our promise and aspiration: Highest data quality

Technological features such as GPS check-in, geofencing, time stamps or evidence images ensure the validity of all data collected via our App Streetspotr. "Cheating" or filling out questionnaires by mistake from the couch is no longer possible. The basis for this is that 100% of our 800.000 strong community use our award-winning App Streetspotr as a tool for data collection and feedback generation. 

A manual check of each data set additionally guarantees that the information collected is qualitatively in line with the requirements and goals of our customers. 


Why work with POSpulse? 

  • Largest active, mobile community in Europe: 800,000 real shoppers and consumers guarantee targeted answers within hours, ensuring fast survey times and a high geographical coverage - rural and urban.

  • Leading technology: Streetspotr, a state-of-the-art app with dialog function and gamification features, ensures high user activity and enables granular segmentation of the community for precise insights by target group. Features such as integrated image recognition, geo-fencing or reporting mode also guarantee high data quality even in complex use cases.

  • High data quality: ensured by technological features (image recognition, geo-fencing, time and date stamps, etc.) as well as continuous checking of each data record by trained quality assurance personnel.

  • Trade expert: More than 1,500 completed POS projects, +400 customers from industry and trade, validated study designs for the most common use cases.

  • Real consumers and shoppers: We not only measure facts, such as compliance with regulations or standards in retail, but also feedback on individual perception, comprehension and preferences - at the physical POS, out of home and from home.

  • Cooperation with leading market researcher companies: Sales Uplift analyses and recommendations for action also thanks to our cooperation with companies such as Nielsen and Kantar.

  • Customer enthusiasm as a claim: An average Net Promotor Score of 8.6 is our greatest honor (total-NPS: 42).

POSpulse and Streetspotr merge into one: The leading mobile crowdsourcing company is born

Merger POSpulse & Streetspotr

In 2018 POSpulse and Streetspotr bundled their forces to create the leading mobile crowdsourcing company. The merger of the two companies combines technology and crowdsourcing expertise with analytics and industry know-how and can access the largest mobile community in Europe. The communities of both companies have been bundled in the Streetspotr app, while the name POSpulse will continue to be used for customers. To our community this means: even more jobs in the immediate neighbourhood. Our customers benefit from the combined expertise of both companies, maximum geographical coverage and even shorter reporting times. We call this "Agile Consumer Response.

Facts & Figures

POSpulse started operating in Berlin on January 1st 2014. Shortly after launch, we quickly gained traction with clients like Procter & Gamble Prestige, Unilever, STORCK and Vodafone. Current investors are digital expert etventure, early-stage investor High-Tech Gründerfonds, media group Medien Union and mobile provider Drillisch AG.


Our Mission

Our mission is to enable retailers, service providers & brands to better market their products by quickly understanding the “Why” behind shopper’s buying decisions.

Our Vision

To become the world's leading platform for shopper and consumer feedback, connecting companies in all industries with their end customers - from anywhere and in real-time.