Next Level Competitive Monitoring 📈

Continuously monitoring the competition is a challenge for any company - but it becomes even more of a challenge when the competition does not sell products in retail stores but has thousands of individual locations nationwide - for example, advertising space. In STRÖER's case, this means: Employees drive to many individual advertising spaces every day to monitor the competition and transmit data to the control center. 

Let us show you how this process could be made more efficient in our Success Story 👉

Also Next Level: Using a Community 

The use of a community is a much more efficient solution. Community members track various points of interest in their neighborhood and transmit the data via an app to an intuitive system that provides the client with insights into the current situation at all times. In our self-service manufacturers create those jobs directly themselves, saving money and time. 

And by the way, high costs are saved here: Whereas tracking by an internal assignment used to cost an average of €42, today just €4 is due for a job completed by the community. 

For more insights into STRÖER's work with our platform, check out our Success Story 👉


PS: More information about the self-service can be found here 👇

Self-service for the independent management of a community