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Through our collaboration with leading companies and industry partners, we work very closely on topics like the future of shopping, mobile market research or crowdworking. In regular studies we analyze current developments and publish shopper insights studies.

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Latest Press Releases (German)


11.03.2021 - POS Marketing Blog 

With risks and side effects: Out-of-stocks with OTC

04.03.2021 - Lebensmittelzeitung direkt

This is what Germans look for in fruit & vegetables

06.02.2021 - Lebensmittelzeitung

Market researchers name CEO

15.12.2020 - Statista

These brands symbolize Christmas

16.09.2020 - Lebensmittelzeitung direkt

These Christmas promotions rock

05.08.2020 -

Study: Corona cases change meat consumption


03.06.2020 - Focus

Cashless payment increasingly popular - especially the smartphone is booming

18.05.2020 - Lebensmittelzeitung

Corona boosts retail image

12.05.2020 - Rundschau für den Lebensmittelhandel

Study: Customers shop healthier in Corona times

27.04.2020 — Galileo

Earn money via App - How easy is it?

07.04.2020 — Lebensmittelpraxis

How the Corona virus changes payment behavior

21.02.2020 —

Why real end customers give the most valid feedback