About POSpulse

How does POSpulse differ from conventional market research?

Three aspects:

  • We use a large community - almost 800,000 - consisting of actual end customers (as well as professional field force representatives)
  • High speed through live feedback: The community is geographically distributed everywhere and thus locally ready for action at any time
  • High cost efficiency: no travel costs since the community is already there.

The three Why's 

Why more effective?

Evaluations can be viewed directly in our intuitive "Analytics Dashboard" so that necessary optimizations and measures of your current campaign can be taken immediately and contribute to maximum success. Plus: The answers come from real (potential) consumers and shoppers - for more valid first-hand results.

Why faster?

Short lead time:
From your inquiry to "go live" it usually takes only a maximum of 3 days.

"Agile Consumer Response":
Consumers give their feedback directly to you via an app (with intermediate quality check). With a shopper community of over 800,000 consumers, we can achieve higher execution rates and faster survey times: Example: Research of 2000 Rewe stores within only 7-12 days. Smaller samples are completed within a few days.

Real-time evaluation:
The evaluation and provision of the results for you in real-time is done comfortably via a web browser (no installation).

Why more cost-efficient?

Our community enables the maximum amount of information at a fair price: The community is flexible, always and everywhere ready for work and is only remunerated for the actual service on-site (or for regular surveys - at home -).

POSpulse Journey

Typical applications by our customers: When is a cooperation with POSpulse useful?
  1. The implementation rate and effect of your new promotion in the market should be recorded and, if necessary, optimized during the current campaign.
  2. The distribution and availability of your product is not what you wanted or should be increased.
  3. The consulting service is essential for your product and should be realistically verified.
  4. You require a fast and reliable recording of shelf key figures such as out of stock, facings and prices for, among others, entire, complex product groups.
  5. You want to optimize your field force or use the more cost-efficient way of crowd-based field force.
  6. You and your product are looking for potential new or still unknown POS/POI to stay one step ahead of the competitors.
  7. You can find more interesting fields of application here

What do I get after a project with POSpulse?

Depending on the individual briefing, you will receive, for example, a detailed evaluation of the implementation/placement of your promotion/product at the POS.
The possibilities of using reports in the intuitive Live Dashboard are manifold:

  • filter by retailers, regions, store ID's etc. and configure your own analysis live or
  • benefit from various export functions F.v.
    • PDF charts (evaluation summaries or analyses of individual POS),
    • raw data exports (XLS) or
    • POS Pictures (Zip Files) etc.

We offer a detailed insight into all functions through a personal dashboard demo.

What do I do with that data?
  • A/B testing and optimization instructions: You learn e.g. from promotions and by comparing the implementation and effect over different waves through us you can see if and how you (can) get better
  • Optimized budget allocation: You know which promotions and funds are best spent with which retailers, and which actions deliver the highest ROI
  • Process improvements with trading partners: For example, when there is a continuously high OOS
  • Redesign of placement, presentation, product design at POS according to shopper feedback
  • Benchmarking (internal and external) for training measures according to the results of the projects
  • Change of the assortment, change of the 4P's: Product, Place, Promotion, Price
  • Maximization of the field force potential
  • Retraining of employees and/or agencies: In particular through evaluation of mystery shopping projects

About the Quality of our Community

Who is this "community"?

Our Community is one big shopper family - passionately „spotting" everywhere. We have been building this community continuously for more than 9 years now, mainly through PR measures in TV and print media. In 2018, we joined forces with our former competitor "Streetspotr". The particularly powerful and award-winning app (in UI/UX) features an active community with a nationwide distributed "Spotrn" of over 800,000 people in urban and rural areas. In brief: Not only in metropolitan areas but also in rural areas every project can be realized very well.

How do you ensure the highest quality of results?

There is no such thing as fake news - we take a very close look at our consumer data.

First of all, we create optimal conditions for the collection of high-quality results:

  • GPS check-in directly on site in the store / market / POI
  • Photo documentation of all relevant points
  • Time & Date Stamp
  • "Smart", algorithmized control (according to quotas in region, demographics, etc.)

Subsequently, our Quality Assurance Team uses precise, manual data validation of each individual data set to check all information according to our specified quality standards (e.g. in-depth review of open responses, images, etc.)

Juicy Questions

Will my company be "unmasked" as a client?

No. The "Streetspotr" do not know the name of the client. Moreover, they are briefed comprehensively and always act with the highest discretion at the POS.

What separates POSpulse from other competitors?

Our specialty is the POS. Not only externally we carry it in our name. As the first crowdsourcing company in Europe, we have the Point of Sale in our blood with over 8 years of retail expertise. With over

  • 300 customers and
  • over 1800 implemented projects,
  • 85% of which are directly related to the POS,

we bring the necessary experience and resources for the successful implementation of POS projects - and we never stop learning.

With great attention to detail, we have invested in smart technologies in the platform and app. Our app, Streetspotr, for example, has state-of-the-art features such as gamification (for high user engagement and maximum activity rates), geofencing, GPS check-in on site, various survey and answer formats, integrated image recognition.

Thanks to our community, the

  • most active mobile community in Europe
  • with more than 800,000 shoppers and consumers,
  • for a representative rural and urban coverage

we can be on the road for you very quickly and efficiently wherever it makes sense for you.

How can I optimize my field force with POSpulse?

Field Force representatives spend more than 50% of their time in the car instead of negotiating with the customer. Our professional community can do this better as an innovative "Pro Workforce", consisting of experienced sales representatives and merchandisers: they spend 100% of their time directly at the POS and are only paid for the actual service on-site.

Dealing with COVID-19

Does the pandemic change anything about your business?

We are emerging stronger from the crisis. Corona in particular has shown that an approach that is a) digital and b) crowd-based not only generates more valuable and (cost)efficient results, but is also crisis-resistant. With POSpulse, companies are (still) able to be very close to the POS as well as to capture trends and changes in consumption and shopping behavior immediately.

Our community is trained and can „spot" at the POS in a pandemic-conform way: valid regulations and hygiene measures are always adhered to.