09:30 - conversation with the store manager, 10:20 departure to the next retailer, arrival 11:40 - before the next appointment starts please briefly check the promotions. Oh, and before the first appointment on the next day, the facings and competitive prices must be recorded in the store. 

It's not just the field force that can quickly get bogged down in the execution of this multitude of tasks. The coordination of all tasks and recorded data also presents companies with major challenges. 

You can see how the lightpeak agency solved this in a very relaxed way in the success story 👉

Control field force via an app - save time & costs

In order to support the field force in collecting various key figures and data at the point of sale and to make their work more comfortable and error-free, lightpeak has been using the licensing of POSpulse since the beginning of 2019. By accessing an individualized version of our App, field staff can be assigned tasks at any time and the results can be collected directly via the app. 

This means that lightpeak is no longer required to keep and evaluate Excel lists, which makes the field force's surveys much faster and of a higher quality. 

For concrete insights into the project, download our Success Story free of charge.  👉


Find out more about licensing our app here:

App control of the field force via licensing