Continuous tracking of secondary placements and refrigerators

A quick cool drink for the way home and the new can in the special offer also comes along. Alongside confectionery, beverages in particular benefit from impulse buying at the POS.

No doubt that attention must be paid to every last detail to trigger the impulse purchase of beverages. 

Sounds simple - but it's a huge challenge for manufacturers. In terms of personnel and finances. We helped our customer Monster Energy with a community solution.

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Wave survey at the POS: A community as field force

Not just once, but in several waves, our community set out forr Monster Energy to create concrete POS insights - including evidence. And to digitally deliver answers to the following questions directly to the office:

  • How are the products placed in retail and branded coolers? 
  • How are competitors' products placed in retail and branded coolers? 
  • Which brands are currently represented with secondary placements? 

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