Keeping an overview in the crowded shelves of the yellow line

Like many other manufacturers, Bel is faced with the challenge of regularly counting out a large number of SKUs, monitoring their facings and determining the share of shelf. Until now, this activity has been carried out by the company's own sales force in selected markets. This costs a lot of time and prevents the field sales force from performing their actual tasks, such as negotiating with retailers.

Bel was therefore looking for a way to visit a higher number of markets, simplify the tracking process and thus increase the efficiency of the sales force. 

Community + automatic image recognition: The future of shelf tracking?

To support Bel with this challenge, we used both our community and automatic image recognition (from our partner vispera). Read how the project was implemented and how Bel benefited from it in our success story.


Read exactly how the collaboration between Bel, our community, and automatic image recognition worked in our free Success Story  👉