A community on a spring roll hunt  🔎

Do you know this situation: The end of the day has been delayed again, you just want to eat something quickly and go to the sofa. So you go to the frozen food department and dig out your favorite product. After minutes of rummaging through the chest, the bitter realization: the mixed carton is full - but not with your favorite product. 

This is exactly the situation Izico wants to avoid and sends a nationwide community on an egg roll hunt in the discounter 🏃.


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Product Check in real time - live insights into the POS

Why send your own field force across the country to spend five to ten minutes checking products at the point of sale and recording product availability in manual lists - when a community can also provide real-time insights via an intuitive dashboard? And at a fraction of the cost? 


How Izico benefited from this agility, which results our community delivered and which measures were derived, we exclusively show in our Success Story 👉


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Photo by Joshua Hoehne on Unsplash