Product launch in pharmacies - Are own products being recommended? 

After the introduction of a new product type against pain, an internationally active pharmaceutical group wanted to know to what extent customers were made aware of the new product when being advised by pharmacy staff. In addition, the company was interested in whether there was a difference between pharmacies in terms of the quality of advice and what role the advice provided by the sales force played in this respect. 

You want the insights? We have them! 

With our Success Story "Mystery Shopping in Pharmacies" you will gain valuable insights into the process of mobile crowdsourcing in the pharmaceutical sector. What can be expected: 

  • Questions
  • Goals of the customer
  • Key Insights
  • Customer feedback & recommendations for action 

The Success Story

  • The customer was a globally active pharmaceutical company
  • Pharmaceutical and OTC products were checked in pharmacies
  • 1,000 sales outlets were visited by mystery shoppers throughout Germany