Tracking of perception, placement and usability 

During the product launch of a new plant-based cleaning product by the brand Seventh Generation Unilever was looking for a research method that would make it possible to monitor the launch in real-time and thus intervene immediately. Store visits were conducted via our Streetspotr app to determine shopper perceptions, review products and promotions on site. Feedback was also gathered through product testing to ensure a smooth and successful launch.

How that turned out in the end, can be read in this Success Story. 

Optimization of product launch through real-time survey of end consumers

Using an area-wide community of over 800,000 consumers of diverse demographics, well-founded insights for the continuous optimization of market presence can be collected within a very short time. With access to our platform, feedback from the individual target group is available in real-time, which helps to optimize the process of launching new products with regard to the following questions, for example:

  • How can the process of launching a new product be optimized?
  • How do consumers perceive the new product?
  • Which factors and barriers influence the purchase decision?
  • Where is the product placed at the POS? How are promotions placed?
  • How are competitors' products positioned in comparison?
  • How do end-users evaluate new products?


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