Asking those who know best -
neighbourhood community

Have you ever thought about where how many portable toilets of which brands are placed? No? Why would you. 

But now that we're on the topic - how would you go about it? An army of ants equipped with cameras, drones or, say, your own field service? 

Our suggestion - similar to the ant army, but somehow significantly better:
A nationwide community equipped with its own smartphone. 

Read how a community finds and transmits locations for companies in our free Success Story 👉.

The market research company Arix asked us for support for exactly this project. The goal was to get a picture of the distribution and placement density of mobile restrooms in different cities.

200 locations, 12 cities, 1 week: discover unknown locations in real time. 

A conventional field service can hardly manage this workload, but for a community that is on site anyway and knows its way around its neighbourhood, reporting such or similar locations is no problem. Thus, we were able to explore the following questions with the project: 

  • Where are mobile toilets located? 
  • Which brand do these toilets belong to?
  • Are there other mobile toilets in the vicinity?
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